Building A Website For Free

January 17, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

Having a website is now a must for companies seeking to win new customers every day. Salesforce  claims that 79 percent of shoppers do online research before shopping in-store. More than creating trust with a strong brand presence, businesses now need to pay more attention to what customers are actually looking for–relevant, easily accessible content that gives them the information they need. About 86 percent of shoppers say that personalization influences their purchase decisions. But in order to provide content that is useful to consumers, company websites need to be regularly updated and user-friendly. While putting up websites is standard practice, some companies may struggle with maintaining the look, feel, and relevance of their pages. This should no longer be a major difficulty, thanks to the variety of web content management solutions available. Learn more about free website builders in the following article. – Jem Santos

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