Customer Experience and Your Web Content Strategy

January 17, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

Quoted in a TechTarget article, Evergage Chief Marketing Officer Andy Zimmerman says, “The desire for [content personalization] has always been there, but there’s been an accumulation of things over the years to make it a reality. Between real-time systems, machine learning and big data infrastructure, those all converged over the years and brought us to the point where we can actually do this.” Creating personalized experiences for customers is no longer beyond our reach. Emerging technologies and the always-connected consumer are realities of the here and now, raising the bar for content marketing and customer engagement. Organizations are now seeing the need to center their strategies on the experience of the customer. An effective content management system not only manages content, but enables organizations to manage experiences.  Read on for the basics on customer experience management and how this impacts your content strategy. – Jem Santos

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