Expanding the Reach of Your Content Territory

January 17, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

In a world that is now largely digital, content needs to be accessible everywhere and more easily. Infiniti Research lists IoT as one of the top trends in content marketing in 2018. Growth Enabler reports that in 2017, we saw over 8.4 billion IoT connected devices in the world — more than the earth’s human population. More than our personal mobile phones, we see digital solutions in our everyday activities — driving, shopping, cooking, and many more. For content to be effective, therefore, it needs to be present and noticeable. For businesses today, communication across various channels is key to a successful content strategy. The following article explains how content can be made flexible and reusable. Discover the emerging trends, tools, and architecture for more strategic and engaging content solutions. – Jem Santos

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