Thinking Long-Term for Your Web CMS

January 17, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

Since 2016, there have been three major billion-dollar private-equity acquisitions in the digital experience industry, with the most recent in September 2018 — the acquisition of Episerver by Insight Venture Partners. The rapid changes in technology, entry of new players in the market, as well as shifting expectations from modern users, have all contributed to the instability and uncertainty. A company’s content management system is the headquarters of the digital experience given to users, so organizations are highly dependent on their CMS providers. This poses a risk, of course, due to the possibility that at some point, a CMS would no longer measure up to the standards and demands that represent what is technologically relevant in the digital world. To address these risks and prepare your company for change, the following article shares some steps and insights. – Jem Santos

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